Semester Planning Kickstarter

Semester planning shouldn’t end with best intentions

Working in higher education puts us on an academic calendar, sprinting from semester to semester without much thought for the pacing of the marathon that is our academic careers! Each semester feels like a sprint to the finish line and then, when you cross that line – either running, walking, or crawling – you find yourself lining up for the next race.

We can create a better way!

The semester planning kickstarter coaching package uses coaching, reflection, and intentional action to focus not only on what you want to accomplish in the semester but how you want to feel when it’s time to line up for the next one. The combined result is flowing through your academic calendar with grace and ease like the “boss” that you really are meant to be.

What’s included:

  • Semester planning workbook to create a plan for what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel when you do
  • 3, 60+ minute coaching sessions at the start-middle-end of the semester
  • Accountability check-ins via text/email between sessions
  • 15% discount when you re-enroll within the “academic year” (see FAQ below)

Semester Planning Kickstarter Enrollment Deadlines:

  • Summer Session: June 1
  • Fall Session: Sept 1
  • Spring Session: Feb 1

Don’t worry if your academic calendar doesn’t align with these enrollment deadlines. See the FAQ below to find out how to still participate!

Kickstarter Cost: $450/semester session

I’m ready to rock this next semester!

I’m tired of sprinting from semester to semester and wondering what happened to my time and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this planning workbook? I already have a planner!

The planning workbook is a confidential, shared document between you and I with prompts to help you reflect and plan for the semester. You can opt-in to having asynchronous coaching through the workbook. This workbook is not intended to replace your planner, only facilitate your planning process and your coaching topics.

My semester starts before/after the enrollment deadlines. Can I still enroll?

If your semester starts before the enrollment deadline, you can still enroll! I will align my calendar to your needs! If your semester starts after the enrollment deadlines, contact me to see if I can accommodate you!

What if I skip a session in my enrollment, will I still receive the 15% discount?

Yes, providing the session you re-enroll in is within one “academic year” of your previous enrollment, you will receive the 15% discount. For example, if you register for the fall session, you will receive a 15% discount for the spring and/or summer sessions. If you enroll in the following fall session, you will need to renew your enrollment at the full price.

Do you offer discounts for post-docs and graduate students?

Yes. Please contact me for the rate for postdoctoral scholars and graduate students.

Semester Planning Kickstarter

If you’re ready to stop the sprint sign up! If you have more questions, contact me!